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At Global Glass Specialists, we pioneer in consulting and technological guidance in key areas of glass processing. Our unique solutions optimize bending, tempering, lamination, and mold tooling technology and processes based on extensive hands-on experience and a proven track record. We cater to various sectors, from flat glass processors to vehicle manufacturers, capitalizing on over two decades of industry practice. Projects are led by our Senior Process Specialist, Mika Eronen, offering on-site and remote support customized to your needs. With us, unveil the full potential of your glass processing operations!


Capitalize on our in-depth consulting services. Site visits can include training activities to equip your team with process control, improvement, and troubleshooting skills. Our support includes the following:

Process Development: Streamline and optimize your processes.
Troubleshooting: Swiftly rectify manufacturing-related problems.
New Product Introduction (NPI): We expedite the process for faster time-to-market and economic outcomes. We help gauge your manufacturing abilities and finalize process development tasks. Our process trials implement and introduce tested and proven solutions to ensure high-quality results in line with market expectations.
Machinery Investment: Strategic guidance for profitable machinery investments.
In-house Machinery Development: Support from conceptualization to completion.
Maintenance Support: Ensure consistent, high-performance machinery operation.

Each project is unique, and we ensure a tailored approach for all. Through careful evaluation and hands-on guidance, we offer actionable solutions to tackle manufacturing hurdles.

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Technical audits

Our exhaustive technical audits offer an enlightening perspective on your production line. Led by experienced professionals, we conduct in-depth observations and analyses, delivering lucid reports and on-site debriefing. Audits pave the way for targeted development activities.


Our training services in glass forming, toughening, lamination, and mould tooling technology are comprehensive. We offer:

Remote or On-site Theory Sessions: Choose what suits you best.
Practical Hands-on Activities: Apply and reinforce learning under expert supervision.
Customized Program Lengths: From short, intense 8-hour remote sessions to extensive one-week on-site programs.

Connect with us today to discuss your consulting, technical audit, or training requirements. Let’s enhance your glass processing capabilities together.

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