Entrepreneurial Roots – Global Glass Specialists, Finnish privately owned company is founded on entrepreneurial spirit. The Skyttä brothers, Kari, an entrepreneur at heart, and Timo, a top-tier IT executive in Silicon Valley, blend unique business expertise and vision.

2016: A Spark Ignites – In 2016, the Skyttä brothers joined forces with Mika Eronen. Mika, a 24-year industry veteran, recognized a global demand for expert knowledge in glass processing, leading to the inception of Global Glass Specialists.

Diverse Parentage – Our roots are in BKT Ltd, a company established in 2009 spanning logistics, investment, and construction sectors.

The Power of Connections – Despite our small size, Mika’s extensive industry network is our cornerstone, enabling our international reach.

Footprints Across Continents – In our first years, we’ve left our mark in North America, the EU, the Middle East, and Asia.

Proven Solutions, From Experience, not Experiments – Offering process training, expert consulting, audits, and mold tooling. Our hands-on expertise and proven track record ensure clients benefit from tested solutions instead of trial and error.

Serving Diverse Sectors – From safety glass processors to vehicle manufacturers, we cater to a broad clientele with proven solutions refined working in the field.

Global and Adaptable – Whether on-site or remotely, our expert guidance, led by Mika, is accessible globally, offering flexibility to meet our client’s needs.

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